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Commentary by: Todd Perman, CCIM, Vice Chairman, Global Healthcare Services

One of the more recent topics within the healthcare industry is telehealth and its potential disruption of the healthcare real estate environment. I wanted to share my perspective and insights on this trend based on a career history and experience working within and around telehealth.

For the past three decades, changes within the healthcare industry have happened very slowly and deliberately. The pendulum of change would often swing back and forth, consistently resulting in a slow but steady change. With the arrival of COVID-19, the healthcare industry experienced change at warp speeds. Approvals for telehealth visit ...

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Commentary by: Todd Perman, CCIM, Vice Chairman, Global Healthcare Services

In a report published earlier this month, Newmark’s Jimmy Hinton, Head of Investor Strategies, analyzed the recent rise in bond yields, which has been steadily increasing since November 2020. With February 2021 seeing the 10-year U.S. Treasury rise faster than any 30-day period in the past four years, it is evident that the steepened yield curve has several coming implications for commercial real estate and specifically the healthcare real estate sector.

How does this impact healthcare real estate?

Todd Perman, Vice Chairman for Global Healthcare Services advises providers and health systems, “Due to the ons...

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Source Article: Forbes

Commentary by: Chris Gordon, Senior Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

How are hospitals and medical centers rethinking their office needs and workspaces?

With the recent surges and fluctuations in patient care, access to clinical space is crucial. According to a recent article in Forbes, approximately one-third of academic medical centers are dedicated to non-clinical workspace. The pandemic has presented health systems an opportunity to reevaluate their spaces and create more productive and efficient floorplans.

To take a closer look, the following steps are recommended:

    1. Measure the Current State; utilization studies show who uses space and how often,

    2. Rethink Wo...

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world's personal health environment and global economy. Our thoughts are with the victims, families, first responders and our healthcare clients that are on the front lines battling this virus.

In this special report, our Global Healthcare Services team assesses several of the initial impacts and analyzes possible adjustments for providers during these uncertain times.

CLICK HERE to download your copy of our GHS COVID-19 Healthcare Real Estate Update.


Article commentary by: Jay Miele, Senior Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

A recent article in Accounting Today highlighted the magnitude of balance sheet impact that the lease accounting changes (codified in ASC 842) are having on companies’ balance sheets. Chief among the myriad of changes is the capitalization of operating leases longer than one year on the balance sheet as lease liabilities. Previously, only finance leases (formerly termed capital leases) were reflected on the balance sheet. In the healthcare industry, the average lease liability increased 1,817% as a result of the change. This impact, together with the complicated and arduous implementation process of...

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Article commentary by: Chris Gordon, Senior Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

A recent survey shows a growing trend of fear and concern amongst healthcare CFOs related to the cost of care versus the tightening revenue model for reimbursement of treatment. Organizations are being forced to recreate themselves and look for more progressive models to implement digital and ambulatory care while at the same time decreasing their cost of delivery models. To fuel this investment, providers are turning more and more to specialty financing and having greater scrutiny on their fixed asset costs, especially their real estate, and whether or not or how to build new facilities.

Report written ...

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Article commentary by: Chris Witcher, CCIM, Associate Director, Global Healthcare Services

For independent entrepreneurial-minded physicians that want to scale their practice, finding balance between practicing medicine and “running your business” takes an intentional effort. It's essential to understand where your practice stands, where you want the practice to go, how you will get there, and the team you need to assemble to execute.

Article written by: David Burch, Medical Economics, January 23, 2020

Most people struggle to balance a single full-time job, but what if that single job carried the weight of two, three, or even four careers all at once? Would it even be possible?


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Article commentary by: John Nero, Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

A survey conducted by Capital One suggests the multifamily investor market seems prepared for a buyer’s market in 2020, particularly in urban markets. Will healthcare real estate follow a similar trend, or will record-high pricing prevail for sellers of the asset class in 2020?

Article written by: Erika Morphy, GlobeSt, December 10, 2019

Multifamily buyers will be out in force in 2020, according to a recent survey from Capital One. It found that 74% of multifamily professionals expect they will primarily be buyers rather than sellers while just 19% saw themselves primarily being sellers in the year ahead. Res...

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Article written by: Keith A. Reynolds, Medical Economics, November 19, 2019

President Donald J. Trump’s administration is seeking to bring more price transparency into the healthcare market through a pair of new rules released by HHS on November 15.

The rules are in response to Trump’s June 24 executive order on improving price and quality transparency in the healthcare system. They’re being implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and are aimed at increasing price transparency to increase competition among hospitals, group health plans, and health insurers in the individual and group markets... Read the full article here.


Article written by: Jeff Lagasse, Healthcare Finance News, October 24, 2019

Nearly all hospitals in the U.S. have set cost reduction targets and recognize their importance, yet fewer than one in four have achieved "most" or "all" of their cost transformation goals -- especially in non-traditional, high-opportunity cost reduction areas such as lowering unwarranted clinical variation.

That's according to a new survey from Kaufman Hall, its third annual in-depth look at the priorities healthcare executives are setting, and progress they're making toward improving organizational performance. This year's data was collected in partnership with Kaufman Hall/Axiom and the Healthcare Financial Managem...

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