November - 2015

The Next Recession? Market Insight from Newmark Knight Frank and Article Commentary

Written by GHS team member Todd Perman, CCIM

An economist once said words to this effect: “No economic expansion has ever died peacefully in its bed from old age. Every one of them has been murdered by the Federal Reserve.” That’s an exaggeration, but it does highlight the fact that, until recently, most expansions ended when the Fed “took away the punch bowl,” i.e., raised interest rates, to keep inflation in check.

State Of Mind In Behavioral Healthcare Design

In February 2014, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton opened the Margaret and Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario. The project was impressive for its size alone, with 850,000 square feet and more than 300 psychiatric beds, as the provider brought all of its mental health and addiction services together under one roof in a modern and comfortable setting.

Experts Highlight Growing Health Care Sector, Phoenix Development as Bright Spots in State’s Economy

When it comes to the state’s economic outlook, the health care industry is a plus. So is development within the city of Phoenix. But when it comes to the state’s education system and immigration policies, Arizona must overcome some hurdles to attract new businesses.

What’s Driving the Retail Presence Explosion?

Written by GHS team member John Cobb

Five years ago, urgent care clinics (UCC’s) were a novelty and walk-in retail clinics were even less common. Today, both are common… and their numbers are growing rapidly. According to a source in a recent article, 10 years ago medical providers comprised roughly 2% of retail occupancy while today, as many as 40% of new retail real estate transactions in a given market are with healthcare providers.

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