June 2014

NKF Consulting Healthcare Location Analysis

Healthcare is often viewed as a separate real estate category, and in many ways it is. But that does not mean that dealing with healthcare properties is always more difficult than it is for other types of real estate.

Rx for Growth – New Players, Systemic Change Fuel Healthcare Investment

Historic changes in delivery, consolidation among providers and demographic trends make healthcare a vibrant sector for investment and development. Medical office buildings are highly sought after, despite a slight decline in volume last year.

Healthcare Megaprojects: They Do Exist

What is a healthcare megaproject and where are they being built? A literature search was surprisingly difficult— there are few databases on the largest hospitals being constructed in the world. More often, there are lists of the “best hospitals.” The results, however, weren’t surprising.

Designing For The Patient Experience

Patients’ healthcare experiences are largely driven by their clinical outcomes, their interactions with staff, and their perceptions of care. How and when the physical environment improves the patient experience is one of the hardest things to quantify.

Health Care Systems Seek Ways to Monetize MOBs

Hospitals and other health care providers, already dealing with changes brought by the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), are selling their assets to third party owners to reap the benefits of escalating property prices.

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