July - 2016

HFMA Conference Highlights - Real Estate Importance

The NKF Global Healthcare Services team attended the annual HFMA ANI Conference in Las Vegas, and there were a variety of topics that included the changing healthcare landscape and delivery system. Health systems are having to change rapidly, and the need for changing the footprint continues to be a significant topic. Accessibility to care at a lower cost for patients is essential.

'Brexit' and Healthcare: Everything You Need to Know

A lot is still up in the air regarding the consequences of Brexit. People must now struggle to separate the potentially empty promises of politicians from the real effects of this separation - a task that unfortunately is not as easy as one might think. Experts are still debating how Brexit will affect healthcare in the U.K. and around the globe. While there are no answers yet, ADVANCE wants readers to be aware of the possible effects of this change.

6 Factors Dictating Investment and M&A Activity in the ASC Sector

More buyers: The outlook for investment and M&A activity in the ASC sector is very positive and there continue to be more transactions than in prior years. This is due to more buyers seeking to invest in centers and more physicians seeking partners to help them achieve strategic goals, such as adding new physician-partners, new procedures, etc., and as an exit strategy for the founding physicians who may be approaching retirement.

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