2016 Healthcare Real Estate Outlook

Our Global Healthcare Services U.S. Healthcare Real Estate Outlook 2016 covers this year's trends in space, patient capacity and cost. The healthcare industry continues to evolve, as it responds to the twin mandates of serving a growing patient population while controlling the rapid increase in the price of the services it delivers.

Four key trends are defining the evolution of the health care industry: an increasing patient load, increasing demand from tenants and occupiers, pressure to reduce costs and the growing impact of telemedicine.

Leasing market conditions will tighten further in 2016, particularly if the downward blip of construction activity in the first quarter proves to be a sustained trend.

Investor demand is expected to remain strong but perhaps below the record level set in 2015, as the market deals with heightened lender caution across all property types and greater scrutiny from bank regulators.

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