February - 2018

Major Healthcare Announcements Kick Off 2018

As suspected, 2018 will see one of the most dramatic US healthcare delivery changes in history.

Monthly MOB Sales Update

A total of 123 medical office building transactions closed in the month of December 2017 totaling over $1.7 billion or 5.4 million square feet. Minnesota had the most medical office building transactions with 26 (21% of total), followed by Georgia with 12 (10% of total).

Monthly M&A Update

A total of 4 hospitals and 8 physician groups were acquired in January 2018. Partners HealthCare System acquired Care New England Health System, a 570 bed hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.

How Millennials Are Transforming Healthcare

Article Commentary by Garth Hogan, Global Healthcare Services

Millennials are starting to demand change in healthcare delivery, but hospital executives are still focused on addressing the issues of delivering care to an aging population and creating an environment of community wellness with financial constraints.

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