February - 2016

2016 Presidential Candidates: Where they Stand on Healthcare

Since passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, healthcare has been a defining issue in many campaigns and elections -- and with the White House at stake this November, this election cycle is turning out to be no different.

Which Country has the World's Best Healthcare System?

Healthcare is a costly item in national budgets, but who gets the best value for money, and who the best outcomes? We compare the systems in some of the world’s leading countries for healthcare.

MENA Healthcare Real Estate - An Untapped Asset

The demand for healthcare real estate in the Middle East is rising on the back of increased medical tourism into the region, consultancy Knight Frank said. Healthcare clusters, such as Dubai Healthcare City in Dubai and Dilmunia in Bahrain are also gaining increased enquiries.

15 Things for Healthcare Leaders to Know about Obama's 2017 Budget

President Barack Obama shared his $4.1 trillion budget proposal Tuesday for the 2017 fiscal year, which begins October 1. Here are 15 of the budget's key proposals related to healthcare.

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