December - 2016

Global Healthcare Services Wraps Up the Year with a Recap on 2016

Written by: Garth Hogan | Executive Managing Director Global Healthcare Services

2016 has been an unforgettable year in healthcare, interest rates and politics. Even with the uncertainty of an election year and the threat of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), remarkably, healthcare real estate growth and investment demand stayed strong.

Global Healthcare Services Makes CCIMs' Biggest Deals of 2016

The office sector tops another year in both number of deals and dollar amounts.
Those CCIMs who closed the biggest deals reported in 2016 Deal Makers columns share their experiences and insight, and predict what the future holds for closing large transactions.

The Modern-Day Doctor-Patient Relationship Goes Beyond the Practice

The consumer-like attitude of patients underscores the importance of practices building and improving relationships. Effective doctor-patient communication is the foundation of patient satisfaction, and that will never change. In fact, managing the patient experience is now more important than ever.

How Looming Tax Reforms Might ImpactCRE Industry

Tax reform has become a central focus on the "what's ahead" discussions swirling around President-elect Trump's agenda. That topic has moved to the forefront for good reason. The commercial real estate industry, and the country, could be on the verge of the first substantive tax reform since 1986.

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