BDO 2020 Healthcare CFO Outlook Survey

Article commentary by: Chris Gordon, Senior Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

A recent survey shows a growing trend of fear and concern amongst healthcare CFOs related to the cost of care versus the tightening revenue model for reimbursement of treatment. Organizations are being forced to recreate themselves and look for more progressive models to implement digital and ambulatory care while at the same time decreasing their cost of delivery models. To fuel this investment, providers are turning more and more to specialty financing and having greater scrutiny on their fixed asset costs, especially their real estate, and whether or not or how to build new facilities.

Report written by: BDO, January 2020

When it comes to healthcare—at the center of the 2020 presidential election—patients aren’t the only ones in distress over how to pay for it. Their providers are too.

Providers have high fears of a near-term recession amid increased concerns about reimbursement uncertainty and liquidity challenges, according to BDO’s Treating Healthcare Distress, a survey of 100 CFOs at provider organizations... Read the full report here.


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