Amazon's Secretive Foray Into Healthcare. But Will It Disrupt the Industry?

Commentary by Todd Perman, Executive Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

Tech companies are eyeing the healthcare sector as innovation, like telemedicine and drones, mature and expose big opportunities to disrupt the status quo. We’re already seeing this trend within the industry. While it’s hard to anticipate all of the ways in which technology will impact healthcare, the article illustrates how impactful this trend could be in the near future.

Article written by Praveen Suthrom with NextServices

Every time a big boy enters healthcare, there's nervous excitement in the market.

Google entered with Verily. Apple did with HealthKit. Microsoft's always been there. With Watson, IBM makes big promises of cognitive healthcare applications. Even Facebook, I learn, has healthcare ambitions.

How could possibly Amazon resist?

Amazon's secretive team is called 1492. The year Columbus entered America. Team 1492 supposedly is working on legacy electronic medical records and telemedicine.

Goldman Sachs took the cue and put together a 30-page report. Here are the highlights from the report as reported by CNBC:

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