October 2016

Building A Better Inpatient Unit

The search for the right inpatient unit design shouldn't just take into account size, footprint, and type of care being provided-it's also about looking at an organization's philosophy on patient engagement, care delivery, and technology in order to plan and build the best environment.

Construction Industry Embraces a New Wave of Healthcare Facilities

In many areas of the country, gone are the days when one had to spend hours in the car traveling to see a medical specialist or sit patiently all night in the emergency room waiting to connect with a doctor. Urgent care centers, walk-in clinics and medical specialty complexes are popping up nationwide, even in retail strip malls.

Big Changes Bring Big Activity to Healthcare Market

Hospitals are building new medical office buildings in urban areas and suburbs. Developers are expanding existing hospitals. And medical groups are opening ever more free-standing clinics and emergency rooms.

Better Tools, Analysis Needed to Make Smart Healthcare Capital Investment Decisions

Detailed models to forecast future population health needs should be established. Benchmarks for expected returns are also needed, it said, as well as a deeper understanding of how investment mechanisms, such as bonds and social finance, can help improve healthcare.

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