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Source Article: Forbes

Commentary by: Chris Gordon, Senior Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

How are hospitals and medical centers rethinking their office needs and workspaces?

With the recent surges and fluctuations in patient care, access to clinical space is crucial. According to a recent article in Forbes, approximately one-third of academic medical centers are dedicated to non-clinical workspace. The pandemic has presented health systems an opportunity to reevaluate their spaces and create more productive and efficient floorplans.

To take a closer look, the following steps are recommended:

    1. Measure the Current State; utilization studies show who uses space and how often,

    2. Rethink Wo...

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Article commentary by: John Nero, Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

The upgrade by Moody’s for the non-profit healthcare sector from negative to stable is positive news for investors in healthcare real estate, as this sector continues to be the lifeblood of the overall healthcare delivery system and accounts for significant tenancy in REIT and institutional investor portfolios. Of note, the report sites growth in operating cash flows as a catalyst for the upgrade, a trend that could lead to a positive outlook should it continue.

Article written by: Deirdre Fulton, Healthcare Finance News, December 16, 2019

Despite ongoing demographic and social challenges, as well as domestic...

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Article commentary by: John Nero, Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

Population health has been a key focus for health systems across the country for years. With an increased focus on the social elements of population care, will more healthcare providers invest in multi-family and housing as a means to improve their population health strategies?

Article written by: John Tozzi, Bloomberg Businessweek, November 5, 2019

In 1986, Congress enacted a law to bar hospitals from turning away patients who are unable to pay. Any hospital with an emergency room that participates in federal health programs must evaluate and stabilize every patient who comes through the door, including those who ...

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Article written by: Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development, September 4, 2019

Hospital mergers enhance quality for patients and reduce costs, according to a Charles River Associates study released today.

The analysis, which was an update to a 2017 report, found that mergers can lead to enhanced quality through the standardization of clinical best practices, as evidenced by significant declines in the rates of readmission and mortality rates following mergers... Read the full article here.


Article written by: Katharine Schwab, Fast Company, August 30, 2019

From Nantucket to Miami Beach—currently under threat from Hurricane Dorian—medical centers are going to extreme lengths to prepare. “This is designed to be the last building standing,” says one architect.

Hurricane season is officially here, with Hurricane Dorian projected to hit Florida over the holiday weekend. Meteorologists estimate that by the time it makes landfall, it will be a Category 4 storm. With hurricanes worsening each year, some hospitals on the coast are updating their buildings to be more resilient and able to withstand strong wind and torrential flooding—including one of the hosp...

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Written by Ayla Ellison, Becker's Hospital Review, November 10, 2017

Franklin, Tenn.-based Community Health Systems completed its 30-hospital divestiture plan Nov. 1. Now, the company expects to sell another group of its hospitals with combined revenue of $2 billion, Chairman and CEO Wayne Smith said during a third quarter earnings call.

To improve its finances and reduce its heavy debt load, CHS put a turnaround plan into place last year. As part of the initiative, the company announced in early 2017 that it intended to sell off 30 hospitals. In August, CHS extended its divestiture plan. The company said it would sell a group of hospitals with combined revenue of $1.5 billion in addition to t...

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Written by: Morgan Haefner, Becker's Hospital Review, October 3, 2017

As of the end of 2016, the U.S. housed 626 health systems, according to an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality analysis.

The report is based on the 2016 Compendium of U.S. Health Systems and data from the American Hospital Association, among other databases.

Here are five additional findings.

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POST WRITTEN BY | Chuck Sudo | Forbes

The transition of healthcare real estate to a convenience-based model in recent years has been driven by two primary factors: a shift in the balance of inpatient and outpatient revenue streams, and data analysis. Taking care of patients today can be as much about technology and records sharing as it is about doctor-patient interactions.

Gensler Design Director Randy Guillot said the shift in revenue generation toward outpatient care has larger healthcare groups focusing on personalized care for the aging baby boomer market. More capital these days is being earmarked for tech and wellness-based care because boomers are demanding a personal touch with regar...

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Written By Dave Barkholz | Modern Healthcare

Finishing work on big projects in Detroit, El Paso and San Antonio, Tenet Healthcare Corp. is about to throttle back capital spending for hospitals to the tune of $150 million. Tenet's 2017 capital budget is expected to range between $700 million and $750 million. That doesn't mean the nation's third-largest investor-owned hospital company is done spending on healthcare facilities though. In fact, it's just the opposite on the ambulatory side.

Tenet plans to open 15 free-standing emergency departments or micro-hospitals over the next 18 to 24 months, as well as add urgent-care centers in its hub markets, Eric Evans, president of hospital operations,...

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Written by: Garth Hogan, Executive Managing Director, Global Healthcare Services

2017 BOMA Medical Office Buildings and Healthcare Real Estate Conference

Transformation and Evolution – The Newmark Global Healthcare Services team attended the 2017 conference in full force this year while BOMA had record attendance of over 1,200 in Denver Colorado. Compliance, leasing, trends in healthcare design and development strategies were some of the subjects covered. Politics seemed to be absent from the panel discussions, even with the uncertainty of the effects of possible healthcare reform part 3,4 and 5. In our conversations, we heard more about concerns with the impacts of telemedicine and capi...

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