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Written by Mike Pukszta | Cannon Design

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, everyone can agree 2017 promises to be full of uncertainty regarding healthcare. On President Trump’s first day in the Oval Office, he signed his first executive order aimed at dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While the proposed American Health Care Act failed to gain enough support to become law in late March, House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that continuing to push for an overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system remains a priority.
Most agree a full-scale replacement will take time, and new legislation wouldn’t have much impact this year as government rules for 2017 have already...

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Newmark advised on a record volume of almost £9BN of healthcare deals in 2016, most notably Priory Group and Cambian adult services, with Q4 spiking the highest level of transactions in almost 10 years. Either side of the Christmas shoulders saw Newmark dispose of almost £400m of assets including Acer Healthcare, Helen McArdle Care and various fixed income portfolios totalling some 3,500 beds. Multiples reached c.12.5 YP for high quality portfolios, 4.50% NIY for fixed income and c.£500,000 per bed for Super Prime luxury care homes.

Predictions for 2017 are:

• New category of Super Prime for future proof luxury care homes


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Written by: Robert Bach Director of Research - Americas Newmark

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently released a first draft of the American Health Care Act, the AHCA, which is designed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare*. The bill has unleashed widespread debate focusing on the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s finding that the AHCA would add 14 million to the ranks of the uninsured by 2018, a figure that would swell to 24 million by 2026, unwinding the gains in coverage made under Obamacare. The bill’s supporters counter that much of this increase will be by choice, because the bill eliminates Obamacare’s manda...

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Lisa Phillips |

Most acquisitions in the Hospital sector are made by another hospital or health system. In 2016, 59% of U.S. hospital acquirers were not-for-profit organizations, down from 65% in 2015 but still the majority.

Lately, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have taken an interest in the hospital sector, where there seems to be no end to the supply of struggling standalone hospitals. Eight deals were announced by REITs in 2016, involving 19 hospitals, for a approximately $1.5 billion.

Many of the target hospitals or systems were owned by private equity firms which wanted out. That was the case in September 2016, when Cerberus Capital Management ...

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Dental practices present a unique challenge in the medical leasing world. While other practice types may require high visibility, benefit from complementary practices, be sensitive to competition, or carry expensive (and very specialized) build-outs, dentristry is one of the only practice types with ALL of these needs. Miss on any of these factors up front, and a practice may pay the price for years to come. This article provides a high level overview of factors to consider and concludes by offering specific advice on how to best protect these interests.

When considering where to locate a dental practice, there are many factors – some unique to dentistry and some common to all medical p...

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Pacific Park Medical Dental – Aliso Viejo, CA


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